The Trade Blanket

This page is for one of a kind or limited run items.



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Lightening Carved Spalted Curly Maple Club


This is my favorite so far. A real head knocker. The 3" ball is beautifully spalted (mineral streaked) with nice curl running down the handle. The black lines are carved into the wood and stained with India ink and brass tacks were added to the points. Measures 24" overall.


Was $500

Now $350 





Carved Snake Effigy Curly Maple Club


Really nice carved warclub. Ball is 2" diameter and painted red. Club is 24" overall. The eyes, teeth and scales are carved into the wood. The center of the eyes are black beads. Brass tacks decorate the handle. The leather wrapped handle simulates the rattles of the snake. It has a slight aged appearance.


Was $600

Now $525 







Custom Hunting Bag


Nice bag that I believe was made by Jeff Bibb. Owner picked it up at CLA show but couldn't remember the maker.

All hand sewn with Sun ray design scored on the double thickness flap. Measures 8" wide and 7" tall with a 1" gusset. Strap is 1" wide with a forged iron buckle.







Large Screw Tip Horn 



Large Screw Tip Horn

This is a nice large horn measuring 14" from tip to base of the horn  along the outside curve. Base of the horn is 2.5" in diameter. It is 17" overall with the base plug. Base plug is maple and the screw tip is black horn. The horn has been aged to a golden color.







Custom Powder Horn

This is a nice large horn measuring 14" from tip to base of the horn  along the outside curve. Base of the horn is 2" in diameter. Brass tacks help hold the base in place.







Large Large Custom Horn

This is a nice large horn measuring 14" from tip to base of the horn  along the outside curve. Base of the horn is oval in shape measuring 3"x2" in diameter. It is 15" overall with the base plug. Base plug is walnut.








Custom Pipe Hawk

I don't make many hawks but I find it clears my head and is a nice break after making several guns.

This one is has a curly maple handle which is 21" long. It has a poured pewter top and a horn mouthpiece. Pewter is used to add weight to the top and keeps the head tight since it won't shrink/swell like wood does. The cast head is 5" long with a cutting edge of 2". Top plug is black horn. The engraving is mirror matched on both sides.





Semi Kit Guns and Stocks

When running stocks there is bound to be a few that end up with minor mistakes. It might be that a chip of wood tears off or the router bit gets loose or just problems with the wood itself such as hidden knots. These mistakes are usually minor enough that they can be repaired to the point of almost disappearing when the gun is finished or are something that will be covered by the metal parts when complete. I can't send these stocks out as regular kits and I don't have time to build them into finished guns. Here are a few stocks with very minor flaws that will save you money.

All of these semi kits come complete with all of the brass parts and small hardware to build the complete gun EXCEPT for the barrel and lock. You can order the barrels from Track of the Wolf and the locks from R.E. Davis.

Locks: R.E. Davis Early English lock click here. The panel and mortise will accept the Chamber's large round face Virginia/English lock with a little extra enlarging of the inlet.

Barrels: Any of the BBL-20, BBL-24 or the BBL-28 barrels fit in either 42, 36 or 30" lengths. Make sure you get the breech plug they suggest with the shorter threaded shank. Click here.

Please note: If you order one of these kits, please look it over carefully before you start work on it. You are welcome to return any kit you order but once you start work and cut on the wood or metal parts, it is yours and no longer returnable.  






Early English 1740

Beech Kit

This stock is beech which is a good hard wood and very correct for a trade gun stock. The ramrod drill came out into the barrel channel so it was milled to the proper depth and a filler strip glued in to cover it. It also has some mineral streaks along the right side.

Regular price kit without barrel and lock $655






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