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This page is for one of a kind or limited run items.



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Hunter Brand Holster

Very good quality holster made of heavy leather. This is made to fit 7" barrel Single Action Army style pistols. This one is new.





El Paso Saddlery Co. "The Shootist" Rig

This rig is the same that El Paso designed for John Wayne in the 1979 movie "The Shootist". The forward canted holster is top-grain leather lined and designed for easy reholstering. The 3″ wide belt is constructed of soft, but durable suede. This rig is without a doubt, the most comfortable rig on the market today. It has 24 loops for .45 cartridges. Belt is sized for 36" to 40" waist. Will fit 5" Colt style single action. This rig is new and retails for $311.






Propane Camp Stove


Actually sold as an ice house stove for fishermen. Great for small tents as well. Comes with six 24" straight 3" diameter vent pipes, two elbows and a cap. 


I used this only twice in an 8x10 wall tent and hooked it up to a 10# tank and it kept me warm all weekend. Don't expect a lot of heat in a mid to large tent, but it will keep the frost away. You will need to buy a regulator hose for it. Same type used on gas grills. Most hardware stores carry them.


It will ship in two boxes or local pickup is fine.







Spiral Capper

This is for Musket caps only.

These spiral cappers are copied from originals. Very handy, especially on a cold day when your fingers are numb!






Shot Snake


Shot snakes (or shot belts) show up in many hunting engravings from the late 18th and 19th century. This one has an Irish style brass head that measures the charge as the spring held cup is removed. A shutoff valve on the head keeps the remaining shot from spilling out. The measure is adjustable but if a smaller amount is needed, I put a tight fitting cork in the bottom which is easily removable later. The head unscrews for easy refilling. The soft leather bag is 12" long and will hold about 2 lbs of shot. The 1" wide strap has a solid brass harness buckle for adjustment. This is professionally made. Well done and like new condition.


I have carried these for bird hunting and you can't beat them for convenience. I use a double snake with two sides, one for shot, the other for powder.






Lightening Carved Spalted Curly Maple Club


This is my favorite so far. A real head knocker. The 3" ball is beautifully spalted (mineral streaked) with nice curl running down the handle. The black lines are carved into the wood and stained with India ink and brass tacks were added to the points. Measures 24" overall.







Carved Snake Effigy Curly Maple Club


Really nice carved warclub. Ball is 2" diameter and painted red. Club is 24" overall. The eyes, teeth and scales are carved into the wood. The center of the eyes are black beads. Brass tacks decorate the handle. The leather wrapped handle simulates the rattles of the snake. It has a slight aged appearance.








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