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Whisk and Pick

Nice military style. Brush is horse hair in a brass cap with a brass chain. The pick is 3" long made of square stock with a decorative twist. The chains are about 7" long with a hook that loops over a coat button or can be sewn to a bag strap.





Limited Supply.

If these are popular, I'll make them a regular item.


Tin Measures


Handmade in my shop. Very correct for 18th or 19th century. Sizes vary but can be cut or stuffed with something to reduce the amount. Have a loop on top for hanging.


In the Comment section of the Checkout page you can request the size needed.


$4 each






Shot Snake


Shot snakes (or shot belts) show up in many hunting engravings from the late 18th and 19th century. This one has an Irish style brass head that measures the charge as the spring held cup is removed. A shutoff valve on the head keeps the remaining shot from spilling out. The measure is adjustable but if a smaller amount is needed, I put a tight fitting cork in the bottom which is easily removable later. The head unscrews for easy refilling. The soft leather bag is 12" long and will hold about 2 lbs of shot. The 1" wide strap has a solid brass harness buckle for adjustment. This is professionally made. Well done and like new condition.


I have carried these for bird hunting and you can't beat them for convenience. I use a double snake with two sides, one for shot, the other for powder.





Shot Flask

From Davide Pedersoli in Italy. Made of heavy leather and has an English style head. Throws about 1 or 1 oz of shot or 80-85 grains of powder. Leather flask are best as the shot won't rattle as in a metal flask. The same scene is embossed on both sides. This is like new and retails for $130. No box.





Lightening Carved Spalted Curly Maple Club


This is my favorite so far. A real head knocker. The 3" ball is beautifully spalted (mineral streaked) with nice curl running down the handle. The black lines are carved into the wood and stained with India ink and brass tacks were added to the points. Measures 24" overall.







Carved Snake Effigy Curly Maple Club


Really nice carved warclub. Ball is 2" diameter and painted red. Club is 24" overall. The eyes, teeth and scales are carved into the wood. The center of the eyes are black beads. Brass tacks decorate the handle. The leather wrapped handle simulates the rattles of the snake. It has a slight aged appearance.










Custom Pipe Hawk

I don't make many hawks but I find it clears my head and is a nice break after making several guns.

This one is has a curly maple handle which is 21" long. It has a poured pewter top and a horn mouthpiece. Pewter is used to add weight to the top and keeps the head tight since it won't shrink/swell like wood does. The cast head is 5" long with a cutting edge of 2". Top plug is black horn. The engraving is mirror matched on both sides.


Contact me if you are interested in one and I can put your name on the next one.




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