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Early VA Rifle Kit

in .50 caliber






Semi Kit Guns and Stocks

When running stocks there is bound to be a few that end up with minor mistakes. It might be that a chip of wood tears off or the router bit gets loose or just problems with the wood itself such as hidden knots. These mistakes are usually minor enough that they can be repaired to the point of almost disappearing when the gun is finished or are something that will be covered by the metal parts when complete. I can't send these stocks out as regular kits and I don't have time to build them into finished guns. Here are a few stocks with very minor flaws that will save you money.

All of these semi kits come complete with all of the brass parts and small hardware to build the complete gun EXCEPT for the barrel and lock. You can order the barrels from Track of the Wolf and the locks from R.E. Davis.

Locks: R.E. Davis Early English lock click here. The panel and mortise will accept the Chamber's large round face Virginia/English lock with a little extra enlarging of the inlet.

Barrels: Any of the BBL-20, BBL-24 or the BBL-28 barrels fit in either 42, 36 or 30" lengths. Make sure you get the breech plug they suggest with the shorter threaded shank. Click here.

Please note: If you order one of these kits, please look it over carefully before you start work on it. You are welcome to return any kit you order but once you start work and cut on the wood or metal parts, it is yours and no longer returnable.  




Early English 1740

Beech Kit

This stock is beech which is a good hard wood and very correct for a trade gun stock. The ramrod drill came out into the barrel channel so it was milled to the proper depth and a filler strip glued in to cover it. It also has some mineral streaks along the right side.

Regular price kit without barrel and lock $655





Early English 1740

Maple Kit

This stock has three minor problems. While inletting the lock, the router bit loosened and went a little deep at the front of the mainspring area. It has been plugged and will be hidden when the lock and barrel are installed. There is a small shallow knot in the lower left side of the butt. Fill it with epoxy if you plan to paint it, inlet a small plug if staining or just leave it. Also the ramrod channel is about 1/16" off center. Once the forend is shaped and finished, it won't be obvious unless you point it out to someone. I have actually seen several originals with offset channels like this.

Regular price kit without barrel and lock $635





Box of Scraps

This is a box packed tight with various sizes of scrap wood suitable for knife handles, starter blocks, small turnings and any other small project where you might need nice wood. Each box is 11"x8"x5" and contains assorted pieces of curly maple, walnut, cherry and/or beech. I will pick out the best pieces with the best figure. These are left over from gun stocks and I'm making more every week so there is plenty to go around. I'm tired of my wife using all of the good stuff as kindling for the fireplace.

If you need bigger or longer pieces contact me for pricing.

$15 a box

In the comment section of the checkout form let me know what you plan to make so I can send appropriate sized scraps.




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