1884 Springfield Trapdoor

with bayonet and repro sling

in 45-70


This is one of the nicest Trapdoors I've had here in years. The stock may have been lightly sanded at some time as the buttplate is a little proud of the wood but overall is in excellent condition. The wood has no dents or dings to speak of. The stampings are good. The bluing is excellent. The case color on the tang and breech block is gone but that's not unusual since it's not a deep coloring to begin with. The bore is near mint.

The bayonet has lots of bluing left with the scabbard starting to turn grey. The early style leather frog is dried out and worn but all there. The sling is an excellent reproduction.


This rifle should be an excellent shooter. Just stick to black powder or low pressure smokeless loads. These are one of my favorite guns to shoot. They really make those steel gongs ring when that chunk of lead hits them.


FFL or C&R required.



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