Springfield Garand

Dated 1944 with NOS 1954 Mint Bore Barrel

in .30-06



This is a very nice rifle that has been reworked at some time in the past. Not sure if it was an arsenal job or possibly a CMP rebuild. The receiver and original barrel are dated 1944. The current owner had a NOS unfired 1954 dated barrel put on it as the original barrel was shootable but a little rough inside. The new barrel has a throat and muzzle erosion that measure just over 0. The old barrel is included. 

The parkerizing is beautiful but there is scattered light pitting underneath which means it was refinished in the past. The parts are mostly Springfield marked but the trigger assembly is Winchester with a Springfield hammer. The walnut stock has a few dents and dings from handling but no chips or cracks. The cartouche is very faint. Comes with an original 1950s web sling.

Overall a very nice, clean rifle that would be a good shooter and an excellent addition to any collection.

The pictures will tell you more. Contact me if you need pictures or have questions about something I missed.


FFL or C&R required.




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