Custom Lancaster Rifle

by W. Trout

in .54 caliber


This is a very nice Lancaster rifle by Wayne Trout of Virginia. I have known Wayne for many years and each gun he produces is better than the last. Good to see he has been listening to my advice over the years. This one has really fine lines and proportions. Well made and typical of the 1770-1780 period.

The stock is a nice piece of moderately figured curly maple with curl running the full length. The barrel is a Getz 44" swamped in .54 caliber. The lock is a Chamber's Golden Age flint. The hardware is brass which was designed by John Bivins for the Bicentennial limited edition rifles he produced in 1976. The rifle is very well made with tight inlets and nice aging. The raised carving is well designed and cleanly done.

Overall a very fine rifle for hunting, re-enacting or just hang on the wall and admire the workmanship.

Weight is 9 lbs 4 ozs. Pull is 14".




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