French TULLE Trade Gun

by Clay Smith

in 20 gauge

I made this gun for a friend a few years ago and he has decide to sell it now.


The gun is a typical French style "fusil de chasse" or "gun for hunting". These would have been seen mostly in the eastern to middle regions of Canada as well as the northern parts of the American Colonies from New England to Michigan and down the Mississippi River Valley.


This gun has a Colerain 42" oct-round barrel in 20 gauge with a touch hole liner installed. The barrel has slightly thicker walls at the muzzle which makes it a good shooter with ball as well as shot. The very thin barrels flex more when fired which makes for poor accuracy when firing a patched round ball. The lock is by Davis and has the correct "TULE" mark with the fleur de lis. The stock is walnut with an aged appearance. All of the hardware is steel that has been aged as well. Comes with a period correct leather sling.



This gun is lightly used but in excellent condition inside and out.


Weight is 7 lbs 9 ozs.  Pull is 13".

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