Early Virginia Style Rifle Kit


This kit is a custom run one of a kind. It includes all the parts necessary to build a nice rifle.


This rifle would be a great hunting gun and with the almost 2" wide buttplate and early style lock it would work for Rev War re-enactment as well.


  • .50 x 7/8" Colerain barrel that is 38" long. Dovetails are cut for the sights and tennons. Breech plug is fitted.

  • Grade 5 curly maple stock with figure full length. Ramrod hole is drilled the full length.

  • Chambers Early Virginia style flintlock.

  • Sand cast soft brass buttplate, guard and sideplate.

  • Sheet brass thimbles and nosecap.

  • Davis single trigger.

  • Tennons, sights, screws, lock and tang bolts, touch hole liner, ramrod with tip and pin material all included.






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