European Barn Rifle

 in .54 caliber


This is a barn rifle made with what appears to be the least amount of effort possible. Good quality parts were used but the maker had minimal patience when he assembled it. The barrel is a swamped 38" Colerain in .54 caliber. It has a vent liner and the bore is excellent. There were a few nicks in the muzzle so I filed them out and re-crowned the muzzle. The surface of the barrel was never filed smooth so the planer marks are still visible under a mediocre browning finish. The lock is a large Siler which works great and trigger work has been done to it to give the lock a smooth light trigger pull. The hardware is brass. The buttplate being a sheet screwed on. The guard was roughly cleaned up before installing. No entry thimble and two forward ones hold the rod in place. The nice curly maple stock has a Jaeger styling to it. The surface of the wood has lots of areas when more sanding could have been done. There are small gaps in the inletting here and there, and there, and there....

This would be a decent rifle for hunting and re-enacting. Most rifles of the 18th century were 'working' guns and their owners were not as interested in a show piece as getting meat for the table.

This rifle holds and points very well and as a hunting rifle you won't be afraid to drag it through the woods. That might improve the looks. Actually at this price it's really not a bad deal!

Weight is 7 lbs 4 ozs. Pull is 13".




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