Polish WZ-29 Mauser

in 8mm (7.92x57)


These rifles were produced from 1930 to 1939 at the FB Radon factory with a total production of about 264,300. This rifle is in excellent condition with a deep blue remaining on the metal. The buttstock was laminated (typical) and the glue joint shows but is solid. The bore is excellent. There are no import marks. The crest and factory marks have been removed and by judging from the serial numbers on the bottom of the barrel and receiver, it was renumbered, probably when it had the receiver markings removed. All of the inspection marks on the wood have been removed as well. I was told that these 'scrubbed' rifles had the markings removed and were then sold to the Franco forces during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).



Here is a little history on these rifles:


The wz.29 rifle was based on the old wz.98 rifle, but with a shortened stock and barrel, stronger alloys for the receiver and barrel, a reinforced chamber, and increased dimensional tolerance in the action, allowing for easy interchangeability of parts. There were two versions of the rifle: Infantry models had straight bolt handles, while cavalry models had curved handles. Since both variations used the same stock, infantry models had a cutout in the stock for the curved handle.

Production of the new weapons began in 1930 at the National Arms Factory in Radom. Despite the production of wz. 98a long rifles beginning in 1936, wz.29 production continued until September 1939, with a total of approximately 264,000 rifles produced, including rifles produced for export to Spain and Afghanistan.

During the September Campaign, wz.29 rifles were used by the Polish Army in the defense of Poland, against German troops using the similar Karabiner 98k. After the defeat of Poland, they were used by the guerrillas of the Polish Underground. Captured wz.29 rifles were also used by the Wehrmacht as the Gewehr 298 (p).



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