Winchester 1892 Rifle

in 25-20 Manufactured 1903


I love old guns in this condition. Good honest wear and tear over the years of use. Pristine guns have no soul because they were never used enough to develop a history. Guns that are beat-up and battered to where they are just good for parts have lost their their soul, no more story to tell. Very sad. This one is right in that sweet spot, lots of soul and room for lots more history.


This rifle was made in 1903 and is in very sound condition throughout. The wood is very tight and in very good condition except for the toe area. Someone had put in swivels at some time (more of that history) and there is a slight check in the wood for about 1". I put a little glue in it to seal it from any moisture getting in and making it worse. Otherwise just the typical dents and dings from use. The metal has all turned grey or brown over the years. The tang had a sight attached at one time. The screw heads are all still good. The bore is a little rough but decent, about a 6/10 with good rifling and might clean up better with some work. I have shot this rifle and it shot a 1" group of 5 shots at 35 yards. I wouldn't hesitate to go small game hunting with it (and add to it's history some more).



FFL or C&R required.



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