Winchester 1873 SRC

in .44-40


This Winchester 1873 saddle ring carbine is not in collector's condition. It has honest wear from years of use but is still in good shooting condition. Serial number dates it to 1912 manufacture.


The wood is in pretty good condition with some dents and dings appropriate for the age. The forearm may be an early replacement as it has a little less wear than the buttstock and the colors don't match. The receiver has some light pitting and has turned a grey color. The barrel has turned a dark brown. The bore is surprisingly nice. I'd say about 7/10 for condition. Decent rifling with one rough spot about half way down. I tried to show that in the pictures. It's shootable but for serious accuracy you might get it relined. It appears that the gun may have been nickeled at one time as some plating can be seen around the hammer well and a few other hidden areas. The action works great and this one still has the original saddle ring and dust cover. This even has the rare three piece cleaning rod in the buttstock compartment. The rods tended to rattle so most owners never kept them in the gun and they often got lost.


Overall a decent shootable gun and these '73 carbines are getting scarce.



FFL or C&R required.



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