Woodland Bows

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Hickory Self Bow

I have found a source for very nice, tight grained hickory bows. They are hand made by a member of the Porch Creek Indian Tribe in North Alabama. These are very typical of Eastern Woodland Indian bows. They are rough sanded and ready to finish. I generally use a light stain and finish with a spray-on indoor/outdoor lacquer to preserve the wood. The strings are made from artificial sinew. (A waxed nylon material originally developed by the Navy to wrap the ends of the heavy ropes to keep them from unraveling.)

  They measure 72" in length and come in several draw weights. Nice smooth and quiet action.

**Please note that due to the length of the box for these, the shipping cost is a bit higher than a smaller box of the same weight.



Draw weights currently in stock:

Quantity on hand

Pull Weight

1 20
0 25
2 30
5 35
3 40
2 45
1 50
0 55
3 60




Draw weights are all measured at 28". If you have a 32" pull, the draw weight will increase by about 5 pounds.


The draw weight may vary 1-2 lbs due to the hand made nature of these bows.

Always unstring wood bows or the wood will take a set and lose some of its power.



Youth Bows

These are just like the adult ones but only 48" long.

Pull weights will vary slightly but average about 15-20 lb.  Measured at 22".


Youth Arrows

These measure about 24" long and have a safe soft rubber tip.

$4 each