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This is a very nice custom forged spike hawk made by Darrin McDonal. Darrin is one of the new apprentices in the Colonial Williamsburg Gunshop and has been making guns for many years prior to coming to Williamsburg.

Darrin said this was copied from and original that he examined. The handle is 22" long curly maple with a scrapped surface so it has a nice rippled texture. The forged head has a 1⅜" wide cutting edge and is 7" long overall. Darrin's initials are within the knife engraved on the blade. There is a moon with face engraved on the opposite side. The head and handle have a nice aged appearance. Weight is only 11.4 ounces.



Virginia Axe
The original of this axe was found 70 years ago in a 1750's fortified house in Virginia. The head without the handle is 1 pound. It is cast from 6150 steel and is heat treated. The cutting edge has been forged a little to flare the cutting edge. The hickory handle has been stained and finished. Measurements: Cutting edge is 3", head is 6" long, hammer poll is 1" square. Handle is 16" including the head which is 1" at the 'ears'. Very high quality. Made in USA.



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Belt Axe

This axe is styled after an original found on the site of Ft. Meigs which was built during the War of 1812 in North West Ohio. It is typical of late 18th and early 19th century belt axes. The straight grained hickory handle comes installed, stained and finished. Head measures 4" front to back with a 2" wide cutting edge. Being so flat it works well in a sheath attached to the back of a hunting bag. Nice little butchering or kindling axe.

Made in USA.

 Weighs 1 lb.


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Hammer Poll Axe

This is styled after the 18th century British issue camp axe but a little lighter weight. It has a hammer poll on the back of the eye. The eye is made by folding the material around then forge welding it back to the blade. Measures 7" front to back with a 2" cutting edge. The handle is hickory and is 19" long. The head is imported but well made. Good size and weight for throwing as well as camp use. Nice quality for the price.

Weighs 1 lb. 10 oz.


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Trapper Axe


This ideal size hatchet features a 3-1/2" edge for cutting light firewood and a hammer pole head for driving tent stakes. Hand forged iron, with a forge welded, steel bit, this makes a great all around hatchet for trekking or longer term camp use and can even be thrown. The head is imported but well made. Handle is hickory and is about 18" long.

Weighs 1 lb.


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