1730 Pattern Long Land Musket

with bayonet

with 46" barrel in .77 caliber




This is a very nice unfired gun that was made by Richard Colton. Totally correct with proper markings including proofs, inspectors and storekeepers stamp. Mr. Colton is meticulous in his desire for the muskets he produces to be historically correct in every detail. He studies original pieces and notes details that many other people miss when building early muskets. His wood to metal fit is excellent. The brass parts are beautifully polished and the steel parts are correctly hand polished and burnished. The stock is proper English walnut with a hand rubbed finish. The lock is from The Rifle Shoppe but has been re-engraved with "I FARMER 1729" which was carefully copied directly from an original 1730 musket. This gun is museum quality. As someone who has built many early muskets, this gun has more hours of work in it's construction and details than most people realize. Mr. Colton does mark the bottom of the barrels with his name and date so as not to confuse collectors in the future.


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