Bethlehem, PA. Rifle

Circa 1765


in .54 caliber

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I finally finished this rifle. I have been using it as a demonstration gun, working on it at various events over a period of 5 years. It has a 44" rifled .54 caliber swamped wrought iron barrel and breech  plug that I forged from a flat bar which entails about 100 man hours to complete. All of the brass parts were cast or fabricated in my shop. The wood is a nice piece of figured walnut that was cut off the grounds of the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg back in 1973. The lock is a reworked L&R and has a new frizzen spring that matches the original rifle. The gun has been aged to give it a pleasing patina. 


This rifle was styled after one made in the Bethlehem, Penn. area that is referred to as the "brass barreled rifle". The original is the only surviving early American rifle that has a brass barrel.


It weighs 8 lbs and the pull is 14".