Custom Longrifle by Keith Casteel

in .54 caliber


Keith Casteel lives in West Virginia and is, in my opinion, among the top ten makers building muzzle loaders today. Keith generally uses his own style which has influences from the European schools but on this one he stuck with more of the traditional American styling.

Keith built this rifle in August of 1991 as a hunting gun for himself but decided to sell it off. It is serial numbered 196 and has his initials in the wrist plate. Keith's unique bill of sale and his appraisal of the rifle done in 1998 come with the gun.

The rifle is stocked in a very nice piece of premium curly maple. The barrel is 38" swamped and has a gold band at the breech and Keith's signature "double barrel" touch hole liner. The current owner had Keith put a piece of orange day-glow type plastic as a front blade for hunting in the dim woods. A piece of ivory or silver could be installed if you want to be more traditional. The lock is a large Siler with simple engraving. The hardware is brass with beautiful engraving. The inlays on the cheek are silver and the touch hole pick is 14K gold.

Overall this is an exceptional rifle and for Keith is unusual in that he went more American in the styling. You will never lose your investment in this rifle.  

Weight is 7 lbs 14 ozs. Pull is 13".




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