Centermark French Fusil

in 20 gauge


This is one of the old Centermark Fusils probably made about 7-8 years ago.

It is stocked in maple with a dark stain. The barrel is 41" long in 20 gauge with French proof marks at the breech. The lock is by R.E. Davis and is stamped with the correct fleur-de-lis with crown and 'TVLL'. The mounts are all cast brass except the thimbles which are sheet brass.

This gun is basically new. It has not been fired, the frizzen has a few scrapes from dry firing. The bore is excellent. The stock has a couple of minor dings from handling. The biggest fault I found with these is that to save cost they did not inlet the guard or sideplate. Not a big deal, just wouldn't see that on an original and can be remedied by simply inletting them if it bothers you.

Overall a really nice period correct style at a good price for the quality.

Weight is 7 lbs 4 ozs. Pull is 13".




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