Lancaster Rifle

 in .50 caliber


This is one of Jim Chamber's Lancaster kit rifles. Don't know who assembled it but they did a good job with the fit and finish but decided against any decoration of any kind. The stock is a nice curly maple with curl from end to end with light spots of figure. The lock is Chamber's Golden Age flint. The barrel is a Colerain 44" swamped in .50 caliber with a coned muzzle for easier loading. Hardware is all brass. The barrel and steel parts have been browned. Balance point is at the rear sight. Handles and points very nicely. This would be a great rifle for hunting and re-enacting. Most rifles of the 18th century were 'working' guns and their owners were not as interested in a show piece as getting meat for the table.

Weight is 9 lbs 10 ozs. Pull is 14".




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