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Consigning items


If you have an item you would like for me to sell through consignment it's very easy to do.

Below is a link to my consignment form. It explains the details which are also listed below. Simply print out two(2) of the forms, fill them out and sign at the bottom, keep one for your records and include the other in the box with the item. Let me know you are sending me a package so I can let you know when it arrives. Then sit back and wait for your check.


Consignment policy: 

         If you have something that you want to sell, I will be glad to list it on a 25% commission basis.


         Items must have a value (or combined value) of $500 or more.


         Consignment items need to be sent to me. I will then photograph it and list the item on several websites. I  will also contact any customers of mine that I believe might have a special interest in the item.


         Once the item sells, and the funds clear the bank, I will ship the item to the customer who has a three(3) day inspection period. When the buyer has notified me that the item is acceptable, I will send the owner a check for the price it sold for less the commission.


         Just figure out the bottom price you will take and I will add my 25% to that. If I feel the item might sell for more, I will start the item at the higher price.


         If an offer is made by a buyer that is less than the lowest acceptable price with commission, the owner will be contacted for approval. 


         If the item(s) do not sell at the agreed upon pricing in 90 days, the prices can be lowered by mutual agreement or the item(s) returned to the owner.


         Shipping costs to send the item(s) to me and any return shipping to the owner will be paid by the owner.


         All buyers of consignment item(s) will pay the shipping cost to receive the item(s) and return shipping cost if they decide not to keep the item(s) during the 3 day inspection period.


Consignment Form:

When asked to 'open or save' the document, choose 'open' then print 2 copies. Fill them out, save one for your records and send the other with the item.

  Click here for the form.