Cased Set of Dueling Pistols

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These cased sets were common to the gentry of both England and America during the late 18th to early 19th century. Silver mounted sets were a sign of wealth and status. Sets like these were most often made in London or Birmingham and were the culmination of 20 or 30 specialists each doing a small portion of the work. Cased sets usually came with cleaning and loading accessories fitted in the case.

Even though dueling was illegal in England and America, it was still practiced among the 'gentlemen', politicians and military officers of the time. (Something we may want to see continued today in some cases) Rules of honor were established and eventually written down in the "Code Duello" by the early 19th century. (Duels among the lower classes were usually considered 'brawls')

On this set, everything but the barrels, locks, oil bottle and case hardware were made in my shop. They are styled after a set by Wogdon of London circa 1775. The lock parts were cast off the original locks. They are silver mounted in curly English walnut. The touch holes, bands at the barrel breeches and the lock inlays are 24K gold. The lock pans are lined with 24K gold as well. The swamped damascus barrels are 11" long and are 24 bore (.58 smoothbore). The case is walnut lined in green wool baize. Included are a walnut cleaning rod, bullet mold, leather covered flask, screwdriver, spring vice, pan brush and pewter oil bottle.

"In my opinion, this is the finest set of dueling pistols made in America in recent history." Ed Rayl, barrel maker-West Virginia

Cased pistols prices start at $12,000 for a plain pair. A set as pictured below would run $50,000 as they constitute about 700 man-hours to produce plus the almost 3 oz of gold used.