English Import Fowler

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Fowlers of this style were imported from England in great numbers. This was probably the most common gun used in Colonial America. Most people in the 18th century lived along waterways as farmers. Due to the variety of animals found near the water, fowlers were the logical choice for their versatility.

This fowler was copied from one in the Colonial Williamsburg collection that was made by Richard Wilson in London circa 1750-1760. This one could be classified as a higher grade trade gun since it has the low quality lock and sideplate typical of other trade guns but cast brass parts instead of the thin sheet ones. It has a 48" barrel in 28 gauge. This copy was totally hand made. The barrel was made in a manner typical to Europe. Four sections of tubing were welded up of varying thicknesses then they were welded end to end to complete the length needed. As far as I know, this is the first barrel made this way since the 18th century.





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