English Import Fowler

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This is a English fowler with French influences. This one has a 44" barrel in 24 gauge. Stocked in curly maple which was commonly exported to England during the 18th century. The lock and barrel have been fire blued and the brass has been slightly aged. Weight is about 7 lbs.









The customer posted this picture and comment on his Facebook page.

Thanks Tim.

"My first target I shot today with my new fowler. It's a 24 gauge (58 cal) flintlock. Shooting number 4 shot over 90 grains of FFg Swiss black powder at 35 meters. After those two shots, I shot a round ball with the same 90 grains at 35 meters freehand. Not bad if I say so myself. Thank you Clay Smith. You made a beautiful fowler. Now can't wait to use it on a duck hunt!"



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