Pedersoli Brown Bess

in .75 caliber smoothbore


This is a pretty nice early first year production by Pedersoli. Made about 1976. For the age it is in very good condition. These early ones have better springs and the parts are closer to correct size than the newer ones. Bore is very good. The exterior has a little surface rust that is easily cleaned. The stock has a nice figure in the butt and there is one filled area next to the buttplate that was done at the factory when it was made. The lock works great and sparks well. I repaired the button on the ramrod as these are separate pieces and it was loose. The sling swivels are missing which are easily replaced. If I were to own a reproduction Bess, I would prefer one of these early ones. A new Pedersoli Bess will run $1100 and don't look or function like these early ones do.  This one even has nice honest aging.

Weight is 8 lbs. 12 ozs.  Length of pull is 14".




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