English Hunting Rifle

in .58 caliber


This English style rifle was built by Larry Fischer of N.C. I think he did an exceptional job on this one for his first gun.

The gun is stocked on a nice piece of English walnut that has a hand rubbed oil finish. It does have a very small replaced piece of wood on the left side of the tang where a chip came out during inletting. Well done and blends in fine. The barrel is by Rice and is a swamped 31" long in .58 caliber. The lock is a Chamber's English style. The mounts are all steel except for a nice sterling wrist inlay. The fit of metal to wood is very well done except for the sideplate which has small gaps around it. Looks like he got in a hurry and over inlet the edges. The decorative carving is well done and crisp. The front sight blade is silver and neatly inlet into the barrel, no dovetail. Larry has used this rifle to hunt with but it is in excellent condition with a like new bore.

Overall it is an excellent rifle and would be a fine hunting rifle being under 7 pounds in weight. It is crying out to be engraved though. Engraved as it should be would really complete this rifle. $800 worth of engraving would make this a $6000 rifle.

Weight 6 lbs. 13 ozs. Pull is 13".



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