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"The gun you thought about today and decide to buy tomorrow, someone else thought about

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All guns come with a 2 day non-shooting inspection period.


Please note: These prices are firm.

These guns are on consignment and the prices are set by the owners. We have determined the lowest prices in order to move them quickly. If they sit here too long the owner may request a price reduction which will be posted as such. These prices are a 'cash' pricing. If you wish you use a credit card,  3% will be added to cover the bank fee. Prices do not include shipping cost.


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Custom Lancaster Kit

38" Swamped .40 caliber



*Sold pending funds*

Cherry Stocked Short Fowler

or Officer's Fusil

in 28 gauge


Assembled in the white



*Sold pending funds*

Kentucky Percussion Pistol

in .40 caliber



*Sold pending funds*

Virginia Rifle

by W. Feldman in .54 caliber



Lancaster Rifle

by D. Motto in .54 caliber



Percussion Longrifle

by R. Ashe in .40 caliber



Early English Style Rifle

by K. Moors in .54 caliber



Lancaster Rifle

by Wayne Trout in .54 caliber




Lancaster/Dickert Style Rifle

by Wayne Trout in .50 caliber




York Rifle

by Cabin Creek in .54 caliber



Reduced to $2400


Painted Type G Trade Gun

in 20 gauge




Early Christian Springs, PA. Rifle

by K. Moors in .58 caliber



James River Basin Rifle

with hand forged barrel in .54 caliber

by Clay Smith



Abraham Schweitzer Rifle

by D. McDonal in .50 caliber



Kentucky Flint Pistol

in .50 caliber



Reduced to $2150

English Big Game Rifle

in .69 caliber



American Fowler

in 20 gauge Turkey Choke







These below are a few that you missed out on.


Trade/Barn Rifle

by Mike Miller in .60 caliber

Wrought Iron Barrel





Early Christian Springs, PA. Rifle

by K. Moors in .54 caliber




Kentucky Rifle

by A.W. Lenhart in .45 caliber






Wilson Marked Type G Trade Gun

in 20 gauge




English Fowler/Officer's Fusil

by Brian LaMaster in 20 gauge






Scottish Clan McDonal Fowler

by D. McDonal in 20 gauge





Early Pennsylvania Longrifle

by C. Immel in .54 smoothbore




Fancy Virginia Barn Rifle

by C. Smith in .50 caliber




More items are always coming in so check back often.

If you have guns to sell or consign, let me know.