Custom Built AR15 Rifles

These are some I have made to clear my mind between muzzle loading projects.

Now for the fine print.....

If these are shipped they must go to an FFL dealer.

Since these are personal weapons, Virginia law says I can sell face to face without going through the transfer paperwork.

You must be 21 or older, have a photo ID and a bill of sale will be written up. Having a current concealed carry permit will make me even happier.


I will not ship it until I receive a copy of your FFL dealer's license either by mail or email.

Before you purchase one of these make sure you have a dealer lined up who can accept and transfer the gun to you and

 that there are no restrictions on owning one in your locality.

If I have to return funds to your credit card there is a $25 fee. Shipping costs include insurance.


These prices reflect a 3% cash/check discount. This discount is not valid for credit card purchases. Add 3% to the total cost for non-cash purchases.

 I will not ship to any state or locality where these are banned or restricted.

Email or call me with questions.

Phone: 757-871-9424 10-7 EST



All of my rifles are built with quality parts starting with Anderson receivers and Bear Creek Arsenal barrels.


These are for sale locally and on other websites so don't wait if you see one you have to have!


For those not familiar with chamberings, a gun chambered for 5.56 NATO will fire 5.56x45 accurately

or .223 almost as accurate. Never fire 5.56x45 ammo in a gun chambered for .223.

That said, the new .223 Wylde is a competition chambering designed to handle both equally well.


Click on image for larger view.


Here are a few of my favorites that have sold.



Custom Rifle 

.223 Wylde (1-8 twist)


The Gator Gun

This gun is custom covered in calfskin that is embossed to simulate alligator hide.


  • This rifle has an Anderson aluminum upper and lower receivers with Anderson internals.

  • It has a 16" barrel by Bear Creek Arsenal.

  • Carbine length gas system.

  • A2 style muzzle brake.

  • 12.5" handguard.

  • Nice red dot sight.

  • New, test fired only. Feeds and functions great.















Weight 9 lbs 5 ozs.



Custom Rifle #10

You Star Wars fans ought to love this one.


 Storm Trooper Blaster

 Model DLT-20A1

 Issued to:

300th AT-AT Command (300 AAC)

of the Imperial Forces 

Captured during the battle for the planet Hoth



A cool custom rifle in .300 AAC Blackout with a 16" heavy weight barrel. Has a 15" custom handguard, an ergo grip with storage and a Magpul UBR Gen2 collapsible stock with storage. Has a quick-detach illuminated red/green 3x9 scope that has rails on the top and sides for extra gadgets. Charging handle is ambidextrous. Comes with one matching Magpul magazine. Painted in a slightly worn winter camo.

Great Rebel captured piece or would be great on the next hunt in the snow.



All guns come with a 3 day non-shooting inspection period.