Flint and Percussion Smoothbores

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English Fowler by D. Motto

in 20 gauge





Beretta 300th Anniversary Shotgun

with accessories and hard case in 12 gauge





English Trade Gun

in 20 gauge





Curly Cherry Stocked French Trade Gun

by R. Ambright in 20 gauge




Original S. Nock Fowler

in 11 gauge restored by Bruce LePage

circa 1850



Type G Lightening Painted Trade Gun

Was $2200

Now $2000

Double Flint Fowler

by Bruce LePage

with original damascus barrels in 10 gauge



Original H. Nock Fowler

in 13 gauge restored by Bruce LePage

circa 1790






These below are a few that you missed out on.




Custom Fowler

by F.G. Benedict in 20 gauge






1740 English Trade Gun

Walnut Stocked in 20 gauge





Caywood French Fowler

in 20 gauge





English Blunderbuss

in 10 gauge





Pedersoli Brown Bess

De-Farbed and Correctly Stamped

in .75 caliber smoothbore





Centermark French Fusil

in 20 gauge




Early Queen Anne Dog Lock Musket

in .75 caliber



English Gentleman's Fowler

with 3 interchangeable barrels

circa 1770-1780

by Bruce LePage


Type G Carolina Gun

in 20 gauge




More to come as I can get to them.