Custom Rifle by Jim Kibler

(The Hanover Rifle)

in .54 caliber


Jim Kibler has been building since 1990 and is one the fast rising makers of today. Prices for his guns are rising just as fast. This rifle is one of his early pieces and was pictured with a write up in the Jan-Feb 2014 Muzzle Loader magazine. Here is a link to the article. Click here.

This rifle has a 44" swamped Rice barrel in .54 caliber. The lock is an early Ketland by Chambers. The stock is fairly plain maple sporting some very nicely done raised and incised carving. The hardware is brass and has been aged.

Although this is a fairly plain rifle, it is beautiful in it's simplicity and design. It also shoulders and holds as well as it looks. This rifle has been fired only a few times at best as there is very little wear to the frizzen and the gun looks brand new inside and out. This would be a great gun for hunting, re-enacting or just hang it on the wall and admire it. You will never lose your investment in this rifle.

Weight is 8 lbs 14 ozs. Pull is 13".



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