English Gentleman's Fowler

with 3 interchangeable barrels

circa 1770-1780

by Bruce LePage

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This is a English fowler by one of the top makers of today. Bruce LePage started out as a blacksmith, then turned gunsmith and now is one of the top gun engravers in the country. From what I hear he is no longer building guns so there is a limited number of his pieces out there and are becoming collectables. This is one of the best examples of a fine English gentleman's fowler I've seen in awhile. The pictures don't really show how nice this gun is in the fit, finish and quality. The gun is in excellent, show room condition. The pictures might show small flecks that look like scratches but is really dust particles. (Should have wiped it down before I photographed it, sorry) This gun was featured on the cover of the August 1988 Muzzle Blasts magazine and the NMLRA brochures. Copies are included with the gun.


First off it has a really nice stock of figured English walnut stained to a beautiful reddish brown with a glossy hand rubbed finish. The three barrels are by Getz in an octagon-round pattern and are 35" long with hook breeches and wedges for ease of changing. One is 12 gauge cylinder bore (no choke), second one is 12 gauge full choke and the third one is .60 caliber rifled. The cylinder bore is on the gun and is the only barrel that has been fired. The barrels have been browned and all have touch hole liners that appear to be platinum. The late English style lock was hand made by Bruce. It has a waterproof pan and a roller on the frizzen toe. A beautiful example of a late 18th century English lock. The mounts are all sterling silver and made by Bruce from sheet or castings. The buttplate has the current owner's name on it but it could easily be polished out and re-engraved. The trigger has a spring which keeps it from rattling. Everything comes in a heavy duty Kalispell aluminum gun case. (a $400 value)


If this gun were custom ordered today it would run $30,000 or more.






Weight is 7 lbs. 5 oz. Pull is 14".