German Jaeger Style Rifle

in .62 caliber


This Jaeger style rifle was built by Phil Lewis of N.C.

The gun is stocked on a nice piece of cherry that has a hand rubbed oil finish. The nose cap is horn and the ramrod tip matches. The brand new barrel is by Rice and is a swamped 31" long in .62 caliber and has been browned. The lock is a Davis Germanic style. The mounts are all brass except for a nice sterling wrist inlay and a star on the cheek. The fit of metal to wood is very well done. There is a small chip out behind the tang. The rear sight has a folding blade so it could be sighted in for two different distances.

Phil has used this rifle to hunt with but it is in very good condition and has a brand new barrel that has not had a round through it yet.

Overall it is an very nice rifle and would be a fine hunting rifle being only 8 pounds in weight.

Weight 8 lbs. Pull is 14".



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