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.30-40 Krag Mills Double Loop Web Belt


Very nice web belt in excellent condition for the .30-40 Krag rifle. It has some discolorization but no fraying or tears. It has the double loop for a total of 100 rounds. A double strap or suspender harness were often issued with these belts for good reason. (Put 100 rounds of rifle ammo in your pockets and see how long your pants stay up.) These were used with and without the large square U.S. or state marked belt buckles.





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M1907 Enfield Bayonet


This is the bayonet commonly used with the #1 MkIII SMLE Enfield rifle in early WW2 until they came up with that silly spike one. It is dated 1910 and was made by Chapman. The leather scabbard is marked Mangrovite '42 which is an Australian arsenal.

Both bayonet and scabbard are in very good condition.














Original M1878 Canteen

This is a very nice canteen with original canvas cover in excellent condition and has the original leather strap with brass hooks. The leather is still pretty supple with a couple of creases from storage and slight surface cracking at the sharp bends. Strap has "Rock Island Arsenal" stamped in unfortunately at one of the bends so it is hard to make out. Also has the inspector's initials. Original stopper with chain is still attached. Really nice item that would be correct for Spanish American War period.



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M7 Bayonet

in M10 Scabbard


This U.S. bayonet-knife M7 was made 1980–1984 by the Imperial Knife Co. of Providence, Rhode Island. Imperial delivered 194,000 M7 bayonets to the U.S. Government in the 1980’s. The Bayonet-Knife Scabbard M10 was developed in 1987, as the supply of M8A1 scabbards began to run out. The M10 scabbard is made of injection-molded plastic, with an integral nylon web belt hanger.  

Bayonet-Knife M7 U.S. military contract producers included:


—Bauer Ordnance Co.
—Columbus Milpar and Manufacturing Co.
—Conetta Manufacturing Co.
—Fraser Manufacturing Corp.
—General Cutlery Co.
—Imperial Knife Co. (later, Imperial Schrade Corp.)
—Ontario Knife Co.

This bayonet and scabbard are in unissued condition.





M4 Bayonet

Second Pattern

with M8A1 Scabbard


The M4 Second production bayonet resulted from post-WW2 experimentation to address the shortcomings of the original M4 with the leather handle. The two most significant differences are the two-piece molded plastic grip scales and the wider crosspiece. Production began in 1954 and continued at least into the late 1960s. Producers included:

—Turner Manufacturing Co.
—Imperial Knife Co.
—Conetta Manufacturing Co,
—Bren-Dan Manufacturing Co.


This is a great piece from the Cold War era.

This bayonet and scabbard are in unissued condition.