Gunstock Seconds


These are stocks that have minor problems that can be hidden or worked around. I just can't sell them as first quality and I don't have the time to build finished guns out of them. When training a new guy to run the duplicator, there are going to be mistakes and you save money. These stocks normally sell for $250-$350 depending on style and type of wood.

These are being sold "as is". Please don't ask me to do any work on them. If I had time to do that they wouldn't be listed here.

Once you receive the stock, look it over carefully. You may return it within 10 days but if you do any work on the stock, it's yours.

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Stock #7

Lancaster Rifle Stock in Maple


This is a grade 3 maple stock. The trigger plate was inlet a little off center. It also has a stain on the right forend above the ramrod entry area. The ramrod drilled out into the guard inlet but is not a real problem. The wood thickness ahead of the guard is 1/8" and if you use a tapered rod as you should, the tip will slide in under the guard fine. There is a stain half way down the barrel channel and has a small worm hole in the edge of  the left side. Easily plugged with a tooth pick. Regular price is $275.




Inlet for a large Siler lock, 7/8" straight barrel 39" long. Buttplate is my pattern and I can supply a brass one for $30 or an iron one for $25. Trigger inlet is the Davis York style. Guard inlet will take the small Isaac Haines style or almost any other Lancaster style. The sideplate is inlet for  Track's SP-E-44 or the SP-FG-44.


Stock #9

Type G Trade Gun Stock in Maple


The only problem with this one is the ramrod channel is 1/8" off center only at the muzzle. It's fine at the entry hole. It is cut to take a 30" barrel. Regular price is  $240




Stock is inlet for a Davis Early English lock and a Track of the Wolf (Colerain) oct-round 30" barrel available for $189. I am now offering a section of sheet brass with the patterns glued to it for the guard, buttplate, sideplate and wrist plate. You do the cutting and filing. Click here to see them.