Custom Rifle by Allen Sandy

in .50 caliber


Allen Sandy is a maker from West Virginia and is one of the top makers today. This rifle is probably one of my favorites that he has made. He has styled this one after a rifle that could have come out of the Roanoke area in the lower Valley of Virginia and has done some very fine details on it.

First off it has an exceptional piece of figured maple for the stock. It has a burl/flame pattern in the figure. A stock with nice even curly pattern is nice but I prefer wood like this. The pattern seems to give the stock more 'life' and uniqueness. Not sure who made the barrel, Colerain or Rice, but it's 44" long, swamped and in .50 caliber with an aged surface. The lock is a Chamber's English style that has been nicely engraved and file work done on the frizzen spring. It looks like the buttplate and guard are standard castings with the rest of the parts being handmade by Allen. The brass is all aged and the handmade patchbox has a silver overlay with a dogwood flower engraved on it. The stock is raised carved with scrolls and stylized tobacco leaves and there are silver wire tendrils here and there to accent the carving. The tang apron has beautiful wire work and dots as well. The touch hole pick under the cheek is a nice added touch.

The rifle has been fired but not a lot looking at the wear on the frizzen face. The bore is excellent. Overall it looks new. The gun balances and shoulders very well. For the quality of work and parts, this rifle is priced much lower than it's worth. I don't think it will last long before it's sold.

Weight is 9 lbs 5 ozs. Pull is 13". Has a " castoff.





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