Short Trade Gun

in 20 gauge

This is an interesting little trade gun. It has a 24" long oct-round barrel in 20 gauge. It is marked 'LONDON' on the top flat and has a fox in a circle stamp just forward of the tang. There is a rear sight mounted on the tang as well. The stock is cherry stained to a nice dark color. The lock is a large Siler which wouldn't be my choice as it is a Germanic style. A round face English one would have looked better and been more appropriate. The hardware is brass. All of the steel parts have been deeply browned.


The two basic problems I see with the gun is there are gaps at the rear of the barrel where it meets the wood. The gaps appear to be at the top half of the barrel inlet but should be filled to keep the barrel from recoiling and causing the tang to break out a chip of wood. The other thing is the forend was made too narrow from side to side. It makes the gun feel too skinny as you hold it. This is more of a personal opinion than a real flaw.


The gun has not been fired. This is a handy little gun that could be shortened easily for a youth or small woman.


Weight is 5 lbs. 10 ozs.  Length of pull is 14".



$995 by cash or check

$1025 by credit card




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