And Now for Something Totally Different....


I thought I'd share a few more modern guns that I have produced over the last few years. Just to clear my head of black powder residue, I occasionally build modern AR and AK type guns, building them from parts or kits. The guns below are a few that I have made.

If you are looking for a custom AR upper built to your specifications we can do that. Base prices for these start at $300 and will go up depending on parts cost. Only quality parts are used. AR uppers can be shipped directly to your home.

If you have an 80% receiver that you would like to have custom engraved, Vader Tactical does a great job at very affordable prices. Click here to go to their website.


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The Sten 9mm was the primary light machine gun used by the British forces in WW2 much as the Thompson was used by the Americans, the MP40 by the Germans and the PPSH-41 by the Russians. The Sten was cheap to produce, easy to maintain and fairly reliable in combat conditions. They were produced in 5 versions including a suppressed one. The lower photos show an original MK3 version and a few photos of the guns being produced and used during WW2. It is the least expensive full auto gun available for legal transfer today.

The top photos are my version of a 21st century Sten gun. My version has been updated to a legal semi-auto with a 16" barrel with a muzzle brake. I changed it to a bottom feed magazine instead of the side feed one. A picatinny rail on the bottom has a laser sight and vertical grip installed. The sights are AR battle style. I machined an adaptor to use an AR style grip and A2 stock making it more comfortable to shoot. I got tried of picking up brass to reload so I also made a brass catcher that slips over the ejection port. This turned out to be a good overall design and really fun to shoot.

Sorry, it's not for sale.




82nd Airborne Commemorative AR15

This is an AR15 in 5.56 that I built for my father for Christmas 2013. He joined the 82nd as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1954 and spent 18 months in Korea as well as various bases in the U.S. He retired from the reserves as a major. I custom engraved and painted it to thank him for his service. The serial number is his birth date. This one also has the slick side upper, no forward assist or port door. 


Custom ZOMBIE AR15

in 7.62 x 39

Several years ago I finally bowed to peer pressure and built myself a 'Black Rifle'. Never cared for the wimpy 5.56 so I went with 7.62x39. I started with an 80% receiver then custom engraved and painted it. It has a 16" heavy weight barrel with a free float forend to give it a sort of Maxim machine gun look. The scope is an Osprey 3x9 with drop compensator. This gun will shoot a " group at 150 yards.

In this case ZOMBIE is not referring to the walking dead, it's more like:


                               Officials and



                               In need of






Custom "Gator Gun"

in .223 Wylde 1-8 Twist

This is a nice custom gun built around an Anderson flat top M4 upper and an Anderson lower. The barrel is an M4 style chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1-8 twist. This chambering will shoot .233 and 5.56 ammo equally well. Has an A2 flash hider. 

The buttstock, handguard and grip are covered in alligator skin. (actually it's Italian calfskin embossed with the alligator pattern. Real alligator is too thick to use.) The leather has been professionally glued and stitched in place. It was then hand dyed and finished to bring out the 3-D effect of the embossing. The handguard was custom made of aluminum for this gun and has an end cap and full top rail.