Starr Percussion Carbine

in .54 caliber



This is the nicest Starr carbines I have seen in years. Most of these that survive are ones that were converted to cartridge in 1864 and a few were then sent to troops out west. This one appears unfired. Lots of case colors are still present. The barrel retains about 98% original blue. Bore in near mint. The nipple looks like the original and is un damaged from dry firing. The breech block is like new with no rust or pitting and has case color still on the breech face. Lock is crisp and has turned grey from handling at the rear portion. The wood has typical dents and dings from handling over the years but no chips or cracks. Very clear inspectors marks. The barrel band has dents and dings inconsistent with the rest of the carbine but appears original to the gun.

Overall a very nice carbine worthy of any Civil War collector.

This is an antique and can be shipped directly to anyone over 18 years old.





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