Tentsmiths Museum Wedge "Plus"


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by Tentsmiths


Sunforger Flame Resistant Canvas in Tan Color

with Green Striping.


10′ wide / 14′ ridge / 8′ height / 5′ bell   $760
Second Door   $50
Mud Flaps   $75
Optional Applied Striping $395
Optional 15"x 24" Roof Vent $120
Extra Rear Door with Stove Jack $150
Total Cost New $1550

$850 obo

This is the largest wedge tent that Tentsmiths makes.

This tent was used about four times then put into storage as the owner needed a larger tent for the family. It is in very good to excellent condition. No torn stake loops, no tears or rips that I could find. Since there are no poles I couldn't set it up but I did lay it out and inspect it. The only thing I saw were a few light spots in the canvas about one inch in diameter that look like dye lot problem and not wear or chemical stains. The extra rear door with the stove vent is a great addition and does not appear to have ever been used. This tent will sleep four people on cots or six on the ground comfortably. 

No poles or stakes are included.

Lowes has 4"x4"x8' Douglas Fir for $12 each. If you sleeve the ridge pole, four pieces would be required.

Larger tents like this one have uprights cut from Douglas Fir which is hand selected, but not knot free. The upright poles should be 2 1/2″ square, while ridge poles are 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. Upright poles are usually left square for one foot at each end, with the remainder cut to an octagonal shape. Ridge poles should have the two top edges chamfered.