Lancaster Trade Rifle Kit

This kit is styled after typical Lancaster, PA rifles built for local and Indian trade during the late 18th century to early 19th century. The barrel is 38" in length. The stocks are preshaped, sanded and inlet for the barrel, large Siler lock, buttplate, trigger, trigger guard and sideplate. The ramrod hole is drilled full length. the forend is left square for ease of holding in a vice and drilling pin holes. Buttplate is 1⅝" wide. There are plenty of options including flint or percussion, choice of calibers, straight or swamped barrel, steel or brass hardware and type of wood. The tennon and sight dovetails are already milled and the breech plug is installed.


Right hand style only.


Everything you need to assemble this gun is included except the time to do it.

This is not a beginner's kit, some assembly experience is helpful to build this gun.


To see a finished one click here.




 Barrel: 36" or 42" long 7/8" straight in .40, .45 or .50 caliber

    (or substitute a Colerain 'B' weight barrel in .40, .45 or .50 caliber for $100 extra)

Dovetails for sights and tennons are already milled.


Lock: Large Siler in flint or percussion (Depending on choice, a touch hole liner or drum and nipple will be included.


Wood: Grade 4 curly maple is standard which has moderate curl overall. (Higher grades of maple, walnut or cherry available at extra cost. Call or email for availability.)


 Length of pull: about 13"


Hardware: Choice of iron or brass and includes: Buttplate, trigger guard, sideplate, thimbles and nosecap


Weight: with 7/8" straight barrel in .50 is about 7 lbs. (add lb. for each caliber smaller). With a 38" .40 swamped barrel, weight is about 7 lbs.


$1050 with straight barrel 



$1150 with swamped 'B' weight barrel



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