Virginia Rifle

by W. Trout in .54 caliber


This is a very nice rifle by Wayne Trout. It is based on well known examples by Simon and John Lauck who worked in the Winchester, VA area in the late 18th to early 19th century.

The barrel is custom made by Ed Rayl. It is a swamped .54 caliber octagonal and is 44" long. It is held to the stock by four wedges typical of this school of gun.

The stock is a nice piece of curly maple that has been aged. The carving is a combination of raised and incised. Wayne used the traditional method of scraping the wood to smooth it. (Sandpaper was available but expensive.) This method leaves sort of a slightly wavy surface texture to the surface of curly maple due to the nature of the grain. Very correct for the period.

The lock is a Chamber's Early Ketland which has been reshaped. The mounts are brass that have been aged. The patchbox has a typical hidden release which is the upper knuckle of the hinge. Push it to the rear to open the door. Wayne cast the buttplate and guard and fabricated all the sheet brass parts for this rifle. The rear sight has not been notched so the new owner can file in what they like as to depth and width.

The fit is a little loose around the patchbox with very minor gaps around the edges. Have to look close to see them. The stock also has about a " castoff.

Very well balanced and points extremely well.

Weight is 9 lbs. Length of pull is 14".



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