Winchester, Va. School

in the Sheetz family style

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This rifle was totally hand made. It was styled from an original in the Colonial Williamsburg collection made by John Sheetz who worked the Shepherdstown, (West) Va.  This was a very ornate gun for it's day and still is today. The Sheetz family, about 13 smiths in all, were very prolific gun makers who's work spanned three generations from 1762 until about 1845. One of the Sheetz with his partner in 1815-1820 were turning out about 90 guns per year. I'm sure they were buying the locks and barrels from outside sources to do that kind of output. The Sheetz name is still very common to the northern West Virginia and northwestern Virginia areas.

This one that I built was hand made with only 18th century tools and technology. Every part was hand made including the wood screws. It has a 44" barrel in .56 caliber and weighs 8 lbs.






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