Virginia Iron Mounted Longrifle

in .54 caliber 38" Barrel




This is a very nicely done Virginia Mountain style rifle. It is a Jack Gardner kit that was assembled and finished by Ken Moors.


The wood is a really nice piece of curly maple. The barrel is by Rice and is 38" long with a swamped profile in .54 caliber. The lock is an Chamber's early Virginia style. It sparks extremely well and there is a touch hole liner. The iron parts have all been aged and the wood has a nice aged effect as well. It is set up for a German style sling with a swivel at the front and a button in the lower buttstock. The wood to metal fit is very tight. The rifle holds well and balances nicely in the forward hand. It is lightly used.


Weight is 7 lbs. 9 ozs.  Pull is 13"

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