Tenn. Mountain Rifle

 36" Green Mtn. barrel in .50 caliber



This is a little rifle made by Steve Bol and is styled after an original rifle by Joseph Bogel, Jr. of Blount Co. in East Tennessee.


It is stocked in a piece of curly maple. There is a very small knot in the wood on the left side of the forend which does not detract from the looks of the gun. (see pictures) The forend is a little on the square side and the top edge doesn't roll over to the barrel channel leaving a ⅛" flat on the top. Won't have to worry about chipping a piece out when removing the barrel for cleaning. The lock is a large Siler flintlock. The barrel is by Green Mountain and is straight 7/8" across the flats and 36" long in .50 caliber. It has a touch hole liner. The tang is not part of the breech plug. By removing the two wedges and levering the barrel up, the breech plug will slip out from under the tang. This makes it very easy to clean the barrel. The trigger guard is hand forged and very nicely done. The buttplate is a sheet of iron which wraps over the top and toe of the stock and is typical of many mountain rifles. The triggers are double set and fire set or unset. The inlets are very tight with no gaps. There is a thin shim on one side of the tang and it looks like the wood on one side of the tang began to split. It was glued and small brass nails were inserted to strengthen the area. The gun is light and balances well. The rifle is lightly used and has an excellent bore. Overall a nice little rifle.


Weight is 8 lbs. 3 ozs.  Pull is 13".


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