Boy's/Lady's Bumford Trade Gun

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This gun is a ¾ scale version of the Bumford style.

In Sir Wm. Johnson Papers, Volume #2 pages 889-900 from “A List of Goods to be sent from London” dated November 1756 there is an order for 200 trade guns with 36" barrels for boys.

So a smaller version is historically correct!


This one has a 34" octagon to round barrel in .50 smoothbore. The lock is a Chamber's small Queen Anne lock.

Length of pull is 12". Overall length is 47" and the weight is about 3¼ lbs.


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Full size version is on the bottom in picture above.








Here is another one that is convertible between flint and percussion using small Siler locks. The locks and barrel have been fire blued to reduce rusting. It also has a rear sight copied from an original 'Type G' trade gun.





The bag and horn for the gun above.