Boy's/Ladies Gun

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This is a nice little gun for children or ladies.

What child or woman wouldn't like a custom gun that could be handed down through the generations?

It has a 32" octagon to round barrel in .40, .45 or .50 rifled or .50 smoothbore (32 gauge). The lock is a small Siler in flint or percussion. It comes stocked in curly maple, cherry or walnut with brass mounts. Basic gun is plain with no carving, engraving, patchbox or inlays. Available with any length of pull to 13". Right hand only. Weight is about 4 lbs.


Add features such as carving, (raised or incised), wood or metal patchbox, engraving or inlays to

make yours totally unique.


If the price seems high for a "kid size" gun, please keep in mind is that even though these are smaller guns, the parts cost

 and time to build is equal to a full size gun.


Finished Basic Rifle




The rifle pictured below has an added wood patchbox, incised carving, silver inlay on the cheek and has been "aged".