Mule Ear Target Rifle

in .50 caliber




This is a very well made target or hunting rifle. It was made by David Brooks in the 1981 and was his personal rifle. David Brooks was the inventor of the four sided "Magic Cube" flash bulb we all used on our instamatic cameras. Mr. Brooks held numerous other patents and was a technical advisor to Branch Meanly, the founder of Green Mountain Barrels during the early days of the company. Mr. Brooks passed away in the late 1980s.


The wood is a really nice piece of bird's eye curly maple. It has a brass patchbox that is styled after typical New England ones. The wrist is checkered in a common English pattern of the 18th century. The brass banner inlet into the sideplate area is stamped with the name of the town Mr. Brooks lived in before passing away. The barrel is a Green Mountain and is 27" long, 7/8" straight sided in .50 caliber. It has a hook breech system. The lock is a Mule Ear style made by Brooks and has a half and full cock. This style of lock is one of the fastest and sure-fire locks as the flash from the cap goes directly into the powder charge. The single trigger has a crisp light release with no over travel. The iron parts have all been deeply blued. The buttplate and trigger guard were made by Brooks in his shop. The blue is gone from the top of the hammer from use and cap flash. The bottom rib is made of the same bird's eye maple. The top rib is removable and has a Lyman peep sight with adjustable aperture size. (Very nice sight for us old guys.) The front is a globe type with a post. The wood to metal fit is very tight. The rifle holds well and balances nicely in the forward hand. It is lightly used.


Overall a very unique and beautifully made rifle that would be an excellent target/hunting gun.

A letter from the current owner about David Brooks and this rifle will accompany the gun. It will ship in a hard plastic, foam lined case.



Weight is 7 lbs.   Pull is 14"

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