Half Stock Percussion Rifle

in .40 caliber 




This is a uniquely carved rifle which is not really anything I have seen on an original rifle but it kind of grows on you. The forend carving actually gives a good grip when sighting the gun. The carving is high enough that rasping it off and refinishing could be an option.


The wood is a nice piece of curly maple with a light stain and hand rubbed finish. The barrel is unmarked as to the maker. It is 36" long and ⅞" across the flats in .40 caliber with a hook breech system held by the 2 wedges. It is marked "Leo Edester 1982 #6" which is the maker. The bore is excellent with good rifling and no rust or pitting. The lock is a small Siler percussion and could be converted to flintlock easily. The double set triggers are not marked. They will fire in the set or unset position. The rear sight was moved forward at some time in the past and a brass inset put in the old dovetail. The forend cap is made from sheet German silver and pinned in place. The barrel and lock have been browned and the entire gun has a nice natural patina to it now.


 The gun holds well and the balance point is at the forward hand. Nice gun at a great price.



Weight is 9 lbs. 4 ozs.  Pull is 14"

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