Fancy Fully Engraved

Lancaster Rifle

.45 Caliber 44" Barrel



This is a beautiful well made custom rifle in the Lancaster, PA styling. Signed "J. W. Flannery 2013". This is a mate to the one recently sold.


The stock is a piece of very beautiful curly maple. The forend has a unique "V" shape to it which is a feature seen on some western Maryland, West Va., as well as in some parts of western Penn. The barrel is a swamped 44" long in .45 caliber. It has a touch hole liner. The lock is a Chamber's Golden Age style. Mounts are brass. The barrel has an aged finish and the lock and other steel parts are deeply blued. It has a gold band at the muzzle.  The double set triggers will fire set or unset. The builder did an excellent job overall and the wood to metal fit is excellent. ALL of the brass and the lock have been highly and expertly engraved. This amount of engraving would cost thousands of dollars to have done now.



Overall a well made and beautiful gun that would cost a lot more to have built today.  


The gun is new and unfired but has been snapped a few times. The bore is excellent.


The rifle balances and holds very well.



Weight is 8 lbs. 13 ozs.  Pull is 14" to front trigger.



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