Custom Longrifle

by Don Greene

in .40 caliber, 42" Green Mtn. Barrel




This is a beautiful well made custom rifle in the Lancaster PA styling. This was made by Don Greene from Staunton, Va. back in the 1980s and has not been fired. It is signed by the maker on the bottom of the barrel.


The stock is a nice piece of curly maple stained dark. the wood is in like new condition with no dents or dings. There is a small plate inlet in the bottom of the buttstock with the previous owners initials. It could be replaced or filed smooth for a new owner. The lock is a Manton style by Cochran which is fast and sparks well. Mounts are German silver. The patchbox has a button on top of the buttplate to open it. The barrel is by Green Mountain 42" long x ął⁄₁₆" across the flats in .40 caliber. It does have a touch hole liner as well. Double set triggers are by North Star and must be set before cocking the lock.


Overall a well made and beautiful gun. The gun is new and unfired. The rifle balances and holds very well.



Weight is 7 lbs. 12 ozs.   Pull is 14".


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