S. North Contract Hall Rifle

Dated 1836 Converted to Percussion

in .52 rifled


This is a very nice Simon North contract of the Hall rifle. Overall it is in very good condition. It has been converted to percussion at some time in the past and it has a very well done repair to the stock. It does not have the typical conversion usually seen with a musket type hammer and a musket nipple. This one has a smaller rifle type hammer top forged welded to the original flint bottom half. The nipple is a rifle size. People love to say these conversions were Confederate but without documentation, no one can say for sure. It was a professional conversion as the pan recess is expertly filled in and the forged welded hammer is tricky unless you have done a lot of that type of work. Using smaller caps would make sense if you are in the calvery since you probably have a pistol that uses the same caps. All of that aside, the stock is walnut and in very good condition with that professionally done repair. The metal is all bright with a bit of spotting typical with age. The stamping on the breech block may have been redone in the past as it is slightly crooked and a ghost of another H can been seen under the H in "North". The stamping is correct style and period correct. The bore is in very good condition with a couple of spots of light pitting. The owner said he has fired it with a .530 ball and 70 grs FFG and it shoots well. The action is smooth and crisp with good hammer notches. All of the metal parts and wood appear to be original and correct. The sling is a correct reproduction.

Overall a very nice collectable rifle that would be a good shooter and a great addition to any collection. Would make a fun one for a Confederate re-enactor impression.

The pictures will tell you more.


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