M1 Springfield Garand

H&R Mk2 MOD1

Receiver made 11-42 Barrel dated 6-65

in 7.62 NATO (.308)



This is a very nice Springfield M1 arsenal converted to 7.62 NATO.

Not knowing when the Navy would receive the new M14 rifles in current production, these converted M1 rifles were done to satisfy the need by the U.S. Navy for small arms in the new 7.62 NATO round.

The receiver was made 11-42 and the barrel is made by H&R and dated 6-65. This is the version with a new barrel installed and not a chamber insert. According to Bruce Canfield, one of the top authorities on M1 rifles, only about 3750 of these were converted by H&R to Mk2 MOD1 rifles. Bore is near mint 9+/10. It looks better than I can photograph. Bore wear measures 0.5 at the muzzle and 0.0 at the chamber. All of the parts are Springfield marked except for the trigger group housing which is Winchester. The gun is blued as apposed to parkerized and there is 99% of the original blue left. It has a double struck inspector stamps of SA/GAW and SA/EMcF and a small wheel cartouche which is double struck as well. There is a rack number stamped in the buttstock and there are some dents and dings from handling but nothing serious. Comes with the original cleaning kit in the stock and a post war cotton sling.

Click here for a CMP link covering a brief history of these rifles.

Click here for an article by Bruce Canfield on these rifles.

Overall a very nice unique rifle. This would be an excellent addition to any WW2 collection.

The pictures will tell you more.

FFL or C&R required.



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