Virginia Rifle

after the original by H.D. Mauck, Brock's Gap, VA

by Wayne Trout

in .54 caliber 44" Rayl Custom Barrel




This is a well done Virginia style rifle by Wayne Trout of Newport, VA. New and unfired. The wood to metal fit is very good. According to the builder the rifle is patterned after originals pictured in Kindig's book "Kentucky Rifles" #13 and 153 and "Rifles of Colonial America" #126.


The wood is curly maple with lots of nice figure which has been brought out with the aqua-fortis stain. Wayne kept with the original idea of smoothing the wood with scrapers and no sanding. This leaves a surface texture more like the original. (We do tend to rely too much on modern surface finishes today. Sandpaper was expensive and hard to get in some areas.) The barrel is by Ed Rayl and is a swamped 44" long in .54 caliber. It is held in place by 4 keys or wedges. The lock is a Chamber's and there is a touch hole liner. The sheet brass parts were made by Wayne including the patchbox.


The rifle holds well and balances nicely in the forward hand.


Weight is 8 lbs. 6 ozs.  Pull is 14"

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